WELCOME ❀ ようこそ

Japanese-to-English translator & copywriter

和英翻訳の専門家 & コピーライター


Quality Translations tailored to your brief

With expert knowledge of Japanese language & culture and an MA in Translation Studies, you can be assured you will receive an accurate translation suited to your target audience and text type.




Commercial ・ Literary ・ Technical

商業翻訳 ・ 出版翻訳 ・ 技術翻訳


Acting as a cultural mediator, I specialise in commercial and literary translation and have considerable experience in texts related to history, art and culture. I have also worked on scientific & technical translations, including medical diagnostics and user manuals.




First off, the translations were completed very quickly and they were also of a high quality. I requested translations for a tourism information website, and I was pleased how unique phrases were translated accurately. I would like to work together again in the future.

  • YAMADA Ikuo, Master Piece Ltd. representative



  • 株式会社マスターピース 代表 山田郁夫